Why this page?

Understanding the brain and its mind

How can it be that this odd bulky lipid matter we call the brain can lead to sentient, willful, joyful, agonizing, empathetic, harmful, loving brains?

Our brains are among the largest mysteries of this world, more explosive than a massive supernova, more mysterious than a black hole singularity. 

What’s there not to be puzzled about?

Being a human is like…

What does it mean to be a human? What are the hidden drivers of our choices? How can we improve who we are?

I’ve long been working in the field of applied neuroscience, both clinically, theoretically, and experimentally. Our knowledge of the brain and human mind is only matched by the revolutions occurring in other parts of science, and how technology is shaping what is becoming possible. Today, I use our understanding of the human brain to study and to explain what the human psyche is, and why we behave in the ways we do.

On this page, I share both my scientific papers and books as well as other types of materials, such as courses, lectures, webinars, e-learning, and more.

Latest musings

My own work spans from writing scientific papers, to blogs and books, as well as webinars, videos, online courses, and more. Here, I share my latest thoughts and ideas.

Noise can be many things, but it has a clear effect on our brain, emotional responses, and choice. Read on to learn how and why.
In behavioral economics, "noise" is all the new rage. But even a decade ago, we knew a bit about what could explain this brain noise.
The ongoing crisis with the novel corona virus cannot come as a surprise. Human fallibility is the key to a cure.

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