Thomas Z. Ramsøy


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Leading Transformation

Leaders know that their job is to transform their organizations to keep pace with technology and an ever-changing business environment. They also know that they are bound to fail in doing so. But this discouraging prospect is not because they won’t be able to solve a technological or strategic problem. Leaders will fail because of intractable human responses associated with change–responses such as fear, ingrained habits, politics, incrementalism, and lack of imagination. These stumbling blocks always arise when we humans are faced with change, but what if we had a way to transcend them?

Many leaders struggle to lead disruptive change. Leading Transformation provides new tools to overcome the old hurdles to success

Clayton Christensen


There has never been a more important time for organizations to prepare for the future, and this book is an indispensable guide for how to do it.

Peter Diamandis

Introduction to Neuromarketing & Consumer Neuroscience

How do we make decisions on what to buy and what to pay for it? Why are we affected by brands and pricing when making our choices or just experiencing something? Traditional approaches to such questions have relied on the behavioural and social sciences. However, today we see a dramatic shift in our understanding of consumption behaviours. Recent advances in modern neuroscience, and how it combines with economics and psychology, have allowed us to study of how different brain functions serve consumer behaviour. A commercial industry is emerging that offers novel ways to assess consumer attention, emotion and memory. This book, written by one of the leading figures in neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience, offers a comprehensive insight into the workings of the brain and its mind, and how this knowledge can inform our understanding of consumption behaviours. The book offers both basic and front-end academic insights, and includes chapters on sensation and perception; attention and consciousness; emotion and feeling; memory and learning; motivation and preference; and decision making. It also offers up to date and comprehensive insight about how the tools of neuroscience can be applied to assess consumer cognition and emotion. This book works as a landmark for this emerging academic and commercial disciplines, and to become a standard book of reference, just as the textbooks by Kotler and Keller have been for advertising and marketing.

You need to add this ebook to the top of your reading list right away

Steve Genco


A superb outline of neuromarketing’s neuroscience foundations as well as some of the recent exciting developments in this field

Prof. Richard Silberstein

Selected Readings in Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing

This is a freely available compendium on essential readings in neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience. This is the 2nd edition of the compendium. Additional versions will be made, more likely as a community effort.

I work continuously on publishing my work through peer-reviewed scientific journals.

My work includes focus on the psychology and neuroscience of consciousness, emotions, memory, decision-making, and more.

My methods include fMRI, EEG, behavioral assessment, eye-tracking, GSR, heart-rate, and more.